snail bob

Snail Bob Review

Snail Bob is a game for kids that you can play for free online. It can be a great way to get your children something to do while developing fine motor skills as well as getting them to think critically about puzzles.

The game starts with a storybook style intro showing book pages flipping as Bob makes his way through a construction site. This is the plot for the first game. Each of the 8 Snail Bob games on the site has a dozen or more levels. This means that your children will have plenty to do. It can be a great way to keep them busy while also helping them learn.

It’s good for children as well because of its simplicity. You don’t even have to tell Bob where to go, he just moves forward in whatever direction he’s pointed in. The job of the player is to make sure he gets to the end of the level safely.

This is achieved by hitting levers in order to drop in the aid that Bob needs. This could come in the form of lowered platforms, or special wooden wheels, or any number of other things. You just have to hit the switches to make this happen, or else rotate or winch the gear on the screen until the structure is in place for Bob to make it across.

The puzzles get more and more complex as the series goes on. This is important because it avoids the problem of being too complex early in order to give children time to learn about how the game works and really get into it. For example, in the beginning, the game has circles that help to illuminate what buttons to push or what else to do with little demonstrations. Then, the complexity goes up from there and the game gets more challenging. That way, your children can learn and get challenged which will help expand their intelligence without frustrating them overmuch.

Essentially, it’s a point and click game and it couldn’t really be any simpler. At the most, you’re just going to have to click and hold while dragging things across the screen. It should be simple to play for any child who’s ready to use a mouse and computer yet. Nothing else will be necessary so it will be any easier game to play than the others.

The game is also engaging in the sense that it has a lot of variety. Kids will love all the colorful characters as well as the backgrounds. This includes the construction yard, ancient Egypt, the forest, and many other backgrounds besides. There are also plots involving friends of Bob as well as his girlfriend. In other words, there’s something that will help to engage your children. There are also an amazing number of levels available through the series. This should help keep your children entertained while they learn.

Overall, it’s a free game series and it will help your child develop into who they can become.

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